Uphealing Telepsych


Strategy & Consulting
Website Design




UpHealing sought to create a profound impact in the realm of mental well-being. Their mission to provide holistic support and resources ignited our passion at C7. When UpHealing first approached us, we embarked on a journey together as they shared their aspirations and challenges.


immersed in their vision, we crafted a comprehensive strategy, leveraging our expertise to devise a plan that would resonate with their audience and bring their goals to life. We conceptualized an interface that conveyed empathy and ease of use, blending visual appeal with seamless functionality to ensure an immersive user experience. We helped UpHealing define their unique voice and identity by curating a harmonious color palette and choosing typography that spoke of hope and healing. The result was a cohesive brand identity that resonated deeply with their target audience.

The client’s happiness was our ultimate goal, and we are proud that UpHealing was delighted with the outcome. Their website became a digital haven, seamlessly incorporating content and captivating users with its intuitive design. Visitors found solace, support, and community within the digital space we created together.